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Save time and money with

iCare Management Software.

The easiest way to manage enrollment, scheduling,
attendance, accounting, and communication for your center.

What is iCare? Who uses iCare?
    • Complete Operations Software for Centers and Schools

      You can use iCare to manage your entire business. Easy to use yet configurable for your center's specific rules, iCare will allow you to run your center more efficiently and help you provide a better experience for your families and staff.

    • Food Program and State Subsidy Management

      iCare is ideal for managing your school's meal program by helping you track meals according to your state's CACFP program and USDA nutrition guidelines. iCare also allows you to easily manage your school's subsidies. Quickly create reports you need for subsidies and get paid faster.

    • Lobby Check-In Solutions

      iCare provides several options including all-in-one PCs, touch screen monitors, keypads, fingerprint readers, and more, so you can make the check-in/check-out process faster, track attendance automatically, and communicate more easily with parents.

    • Integrated, Quick and Cheap Payment Processing

      Save time and get paid faster. You can process credit cards or checks quickly at your center or online, and iCare will automatically post the payments for you, update account balances, and generate receipts on the spot. We also offer extremely low rates on credit card processing.

    • Online Parent Portal

      Stay connected with families during school hours and after with Parent Portal. Parent Portal is your school's personal site for parents to register online, select classes, view schedules, exchange messages with teachers, and make payments online.

    • Multi-Site Management

      iCare gives you oversight of your entire organization, allowing you to see all of the data in one place and view key performance data through iCare Dashboard. iCare also has the security tools to manage permissions, audit trail, and user groups for your organization.

    • Child Care and Daycare Centers

      • Check-in solutions to automate attendance collection as parents walk in
      • Automated billing based on schedule and attendance
      • Food program & state subsidy management
    • Drop-In Centers

      • Self registration and check-in
      • Bill quickly on the spot
      • Pre-paid packages, special hourly billing, and other discounts
      • Keep a close eye on teacher: child ratios in each classroom
    • Montessori and Private Schools

      • Automatic tuition billing
      • Enrichment program and summer camps
      • Online parent portal for teacher to parent communication
    • After School Programs and School Districts

      • Perfect for extended day programs, swimming schools, martial arts
        academies, Kumons, etc.
      • Online portal for selecting schedules, classes and making payments.
      • One step billing and attendance tracking
    • YMCAs, Clubs and Summer Camps

      • Child & Adult membership management for YMCAs, Boys & Girls clubs,
        and health clubs.
      • Automated attendance check-in
      • Online registration, scheduling, and payments
    • Family Daycare Sponsors and Agencies

      • Handle family daycare provider data
      • Online portal for FDCs to enter attendance data
      • Voucher & state subsidy management
      • Create state subsidy reports seamlessly